Gone with the wind - a kite travel movie

This is a story about a kitesurfer travelling the world for 8 month. Visiting five different countries, kiting the best spots and experiencing foreign cultures. This movie captures it all: Travel, people, culture and of course heaps of action. Be prepared to dive into it and experience pure wanderlust. This is not just about the "best" trick - this movie captures a lifestyle and the pure joy of our sport.

Kicking off in Brazilian kitesurfing hotspots like Cumbuco and Jericoacoara the film leads through travelling sections in Peru and Bolivia. After more kiting and surfing in South Africa you gonna see bizarre wildlife on safari trips. Finally the Australia section in the end shows the perks of travelling with a van to explore the best and most remote spots of this beautiful continent!

Sit back, relax and let the movie take you on a journey!

Edited by Julia Jacobsen (stoked-pictures.com).


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