January 2015 ep.1 - #FreeRideProject 3 Gets underway

So, to kick 2015 off with a bang, I have landed on a new idea to document my year and what we get up to in the world of Freeriding. Also to show the progress of the next instalment of the FreeRideProject concept. A movie that will show behind the scenes of what we get up to, linking up with riders all over the world, scoring sessions, riding events, hitting parties and stomping tricks through out.

After New Year at home in the UK, I wake up with a hangover and after 2 months in the cold, its time to hit Cape Town. Arriving in South Africa at the start of January, I met up with the crew, planned some trips up the coast and scored some sessions like I have never had before on the cape. Also catching up with the Dirty Habits crew to film, skate and do what we do best... This was my January


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