Montenegro's Hidden Coastline

As one of the smallest countries in Europe, nestled between Croatia's Dalmatian coast and Albania, Montenegro's lure is its 295km of coastline, with a steady summer trade-wind, home to quiet fishing villages, flashy resort towns, Unesco-recognised fjordscapes and the remains of grand Venetian fortresses.
Montenegro ranges from high peaks along its borders with Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, which include some of the most rugged terrain in Europe, averaging more than 2,000 metres in elevation, not something most concider to be a great kiteboarding location. 
FLYSURFER International teamrider Dylan van der Meij flew down to Montenegro together with the Lifely team to shoot a different kind of kiteboarding film. The goal was to shoot a video with lots of lifestyle and scenery, combined with some hardcore riding on the SPEED4 Lotus & BOOST kites, from freestyle to airstyle and everything in between, but always with a smile in front or behind the camera!


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