Rita Arnaus - Ready to Bloom

Kiteboarding has certainly has taken me to many different and incredible places on this planet. This time I lived one such dream for over 3 months whilst in Brazil. "Ready to Bloom" is a video that I have not only used all of my determination, effort and desire to make happen but have also worked on it with all the happiness, joy and passion that I have been given by the sport of kiteboarding.

Everything I have experienced so far has been incredible and I know that this is only the beginning. I'm ready for whatever comes my way next and am going to be taking full advantage of the opportunities and experiences I have waiting. Enjoy it!!


Thanks for all the support and amazing stuff I get from:
bestkiteboarding.com - pousadasextaquadra.com - kitesista.com - wetsweets.com - juneswimwear.com

Behind the cameras: Bas Koole, Sam Medysky, Manel Arpa, Phil Larcher, Felipe Moure, Paula Novotna, Rita Arnaus

Music edition: Gabriel Fort - Bloom Odesza
Cover pic by: Dioneia Vieira

Edit: Rita Arnaus


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