The Dirtiest Summer in Cape Town

The Dirty Habits Crew is a group of professional athletes from around the world, who chase the sun to Cape Town and other parts of the world to push each other to the extreme limits in performance, stunts, and taking day-to-day activities to the next level. We also feature friends and other professional athletes.. surfers, kiteboarders, stuntmen, skateboarders, wakeboarders,, adventure filmmakers, freedivers, and big wave surfers.

Dirty Habits has begun filming our Video Series which will be launching this summer, Follow our Social Pages to see behind the scenes actions and the final release..

Nick Jacobsen
Jesse Richman
Sam Light
Ruben Lenten
Sam Medysky
Aaron Hadlow
Kevin Langeree
Tom Court
Graham Howes
Oswald Smith
Ian Curry Lindahl
Craig Eygenberger
Dylan Mitchell
Craig Cunningham
Jacques Labuschagne 
Jason baker
Darryl Partington
Robbie Schofield
Kyle Hecht-Wendt
Tommy Swaan
Candice Liu
Candice Bacon
Sophie Mathews 

Additional Footage
Ripslix Production


Anders Kruger - Show me your mouth

Jason Broderick

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Phfat: Lights Out Ft Jungfreud -

Gunnar Olsen - I'm Fly


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